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domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011

New's Canalization

                As the internet is more and more frequently being conceived as the new monopoly of news, social networks are having a more relevant position every day. News provided by the internet increasingly expand through social networks, contributing to reach an even larger public.
            News that swell that way, also reach a specific type of audience; a younger and disinterested audience who wouldn’t be informed of those facts if it was not thanks to those networks.

                As an example of this I could mention Austin Bice’s issue, where the catalytic effect that social networks had could be perfectly appreciated; one day after his disappearance was denounced to the authorities, dozens of events run through Tuenti, Twitter or Facebook, begging people to contribute to the search of the missing student. Those events offered information of the theories and presuppositions on this matter, and actualizations of the latest progresses made in the case.
                Many students of the university where he had been studying for the last months, the University Carlos III of Madrid, realized of his disappearance through those networks, and so did when his body was finally found on the Manzanares River next to the Riviera, the club where he had gone with his friends the night he disappeared.
                Nowadays, there is evidence that social networks are becoming an important tool in the world of communication as we can flawlessly see on the example above. That’s the reason why the relationship between actuality, news and social networks should be presently taken into account. And still eventually take advantage of it.

3 comentarios:

  1. you are totally right, social networks have the ability to reach a larger audience which makes its information agenda through these social networks. what is published on them reaches everyone, so it a great distribution canal.

  2. Everything is not in the news, it doesn't exist... and I think the same thing extending to social networks. Nowadays, if your story is not in Twitter or Facebook apart from news at nine o'clock in the night, you can start looking for another job...

  3. Irene´s right "everything is not in the news doesn´t exist" BTW, Twitter, Tuenti and Facebook are a great tool to this kind of searches, even better than traditional picture in a post. ;)